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    ESPERE Association

    50 EUR / USD per month campaign
    The ESPERE Steering Committee invites private persons and companies who would like to support the work of the ESPERE association for information of the public and an improvement of climate related science teaching in schools with monetary contributions to become engaged in the 50 EUR / USD campaign from 2006 onwards.

    Based on small mid-term or long-term contributions of 50 EUR / USD per month over at least two years donated by many sponsors we would like to fund the basic work of the ESPERE association and guarantee the independence from single main sponsors as well as a maintenance of the publications during periods of low governmental or intergovernmental funding. The names of the private sponsors or companies will be published upon request on this page.

    The financial contributions will be used to run the basic services (secretary and office in Poland, fees for accounts) and for minor programs (for example translation) where applicable. The ESPERE association is a non-profit organisation and income and expenses will be declared to the public in an annual report signed by the treasurer.

    For major projects the ESPERE association will either negotiate with larger sponsors under the condition of full independence in the execution of the program or apply together / associated with partners in science and / or education in governmental or intergovernmental programs.

    Contact and proceedings

    Sponsoring is foreseen from 2006 onwards. If you are interested to support the work of the ESPERE association, please contact us in the second half of the year 2005 in order to agree on conditions, programs and administrative procedures (please add to all e-mails:

    office name, location e-mail
    executive director Dr. Anita Bokwa, Kraków (PL) abokwa
    secretary Dr. Susanne Nawrath, Potsdam (D) snawrath
    treasurer Dr. Michael Gauss, Oslo (NO) mgauss
    2nd treasurer Dr. Elmar Uherek, Mainz (D) euherek

    Project description and explanation of financial needs:

    1) Secretary

    A secretary should be employed in the ESPERE office in Kraków in order to organise the maintenance of the Internet publications, contact scientists for peer-reviewing, supervise the quality assurance process, initiated updates, support the application for funding in International programs, keep in touch and exchange information with other organisations working on the same field and carry out basic administration. Financial needs are in the range of 500 EUR per month.

    2) Russian translation of the climate encyclopaedia

    According to a reliable offer from a Russian research institution we would like to win sponsors for a full Russian translation of the ESPERE climate encyclopaedia. The translation would be carried out by a professional science translator. The financial needs are in the range of 6000 EUR.