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    ESPERE Association

    The ESPERE Association is an International society bringing people from science and education together in order to make climate processes and their impacts and related consequences more understandable for everybody in an unbiased and reliable way. The idea needs the help of many members and supporter. We invite you to become member!

    For membership in the ESPERE Association the regulations in the statutes are valid

    To become a Regular Member of ESPERE, you have to be an adult citizen of any country and:
    1. to be a scientist with an academic degree or a teacher / pedagogue; or you work / worked on issues related to natural environment;
    2. you have to send a signed membership declaration to the ESPERE office;
    3. you have to be accepted by the Steering Committee.
    4. you should agree with an annual membership fee of not more then 5 EUR or USD following the resolution of the first General Assembly in March 2005 (see below)

    Please download here the
    Membership Application Form

    ESPERE office:

    International Scientific Association ESPERE
    c/o Dr. Anita Bokwa
    Ul. Gronostajowa 7
    30-387 Cracow
    Fax: +48-12-6645385

    An ESPERE member may belong to other social, political and other organisations, but may not use ESPERE for propagation of their ideas, opinions etc.

    A regular member has the right to:

    1. Actively participate in election of ESPERE's authorities;
    2. Be elected into ESPERE's authorities;
    3. Unlimited usage of the materials created by ESPERE, in accordance with Polish law in force;
    4. Submitting proposals concerning ESPERE's activity to the General Assembly and the Steering Committee.

    A regular member is obligated to:

    1. Obey the provisions of the Statutes, regulations and resolutions of ESPERE;
    2. Participate in ESPERE's activity and contribute to the realisation of its aims;
    3. Pay the membership fee as set by the General Members' Assembly.

    Membership fee:

    - annual membership for the members from the countries belonging to the EU before the 1 May, 2004: 5 EURO
    - annual membership for the members from Poland: 15 PLN
    - annual membership for the members from Hungary: 1500 HUF
    - annual membership for the members from OECD countries: 5 USD
    - annual membership for the members from other countries: 3 EURO