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What does scientific and educational advisorship within ESPERE mean?

The ESPERE Association will disseminate scientific information in an unbiased and understandable manner for the public. A special focus within the project ESPERE-ENC (2003 - 2004) was the development of a Climate Encyclopaedia for schools and the public. Further projects will have a comparable focus. The advisory boards shall guarantee the scientific correctness and the understandability for laypersons.


Support of the idea

Advisors agree with the objectives of ESPERE, that experts - scientists, representatives of the educational systems and mediators to the public - should closely cooperate in order to make accessible scientific knowledge in an reliable and unbiased way for a wider public and the young in particular. Joining the advisory board means to support ESPERE as a coordinating organisation working for this purpose.

Reviewing and volume of the publication (for ESPERE-ENC)

Advisors may be asked to review the online-publications of ESPERE. Although they are written in a more understandable manner, the background texts provided for non-scientists should be of the same high quality as scientific publications in the respective journals. Therefore all contributions to the envisioned publications will be peer-reviewed as any contribution to scientific journals. Please see: Reviewing and quality assurance measures. The text volume to be reviewed however is usually small, because all contributions have to be translated into many languages and the average user will seldom look for long texts.

Both groups, scientific as educational advisors, are kindly invited to support the project with special advice or mediation, if questions arise that cannot be solved by editors active in the ESPERE projects themselves. Any kind of support is welcome but certainly voluntary.

Status of advisors

Advisors will be nominated by regular members or other advisors. The members of the ESPERE Steering Committee, elected by regular members of ESPERE, will informally decide whether advisors can join the advisory board. Advisors need not to be member of the ESPERE Association, but only as a member they have the right to elect the boards and participate in other legal decisions.
Uncertainties and different opinions will not be hidden but be explained by ESPERE. However we expect, that advisors accept the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC and publications of the World Meteorological Organisation WMO or the United Nations Environment Program UNEP as a major knowledge base for the development of the ESPERE network.

Duration of advisorship

Advisors are free to resign whenever they want. Certainly we kindly ask advisors to join the board for a reasonable time span which should be at least one year.